ESI Source Solutions, LLC

With over 25 years’ experience in nanospray ESI mass spectrometry, protein, and analytical chemistry. Many of the devices we sell are inspired by the needs faced running a busy CORE facility while keeping multiple instruments operating at optimal conditions with minimal cost.



John Neveu is the company founder and chief director of development and sales.. He has 26 years experience operating a busy proteomics CORE facility at Harvard University (previously the Harvard University Microchemistry Facility, then the Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics Resource Laboratory (MSPRL)) in the Northwest Labs at 52 Oxford St., Cambridge Massachusetts.   Over the years, the science has progressed from Edman Sequencing (one amino acid every 45 minutes) to Multiplexed Single Cell Quantitative analysis by capillary LC and advanced mass spectrometers. all of which were adopted early and developed further in collaboration with the leading manufacturers over the years.  John retired from Harvard in June 2019 to run the company full-time.

John started ESI Source solutions in August 2008, running a small shop in-house producing our flagship products, the ABIRD and the CPS-2.  Since leaving Harvard, John has been running the show full-time and expanding not only the unique products lines we produce, but distributing other advanced technology from the EU like uPAC columns by PharmaFluidics , top quality nanospray tips from FOSSILIONTECH, game changing sample prep products from ReSYn Biosciences MagResyn products, the best UHPLC ZIrconium Ultra by Prolabs GmbH, and more, as the list keeps growing. 

Recently we have moved into the pulled-tip and fritted glass capillary column space, providing custom sized, packed and fitted columns and traps designed to fit your needs. Improvements in the uPAC column technology are expected to continue, with gradual but consistent changeover to this improved type of separation device inevitably. We look forward to championing this and other new products in the field as we grow our staff and space in the coming years.

Lori Montefesco is Chief Operation Officer and heads the  administrative side of  ESI Source Solutions.