Proteomics is leading the way in clinical and academic research.

Finding innovative products that push research past old limits is our goal. We follow this up by bringing these products to you with the support, training and hardware you need to make it work in your lab the first time and every time.

We distribute and support these find product lines from Europe:

  • PharmaFluidics – with revolutionary uPAC technology, changing how chromatography is done.

  • Dr. Maisch  –  Fine chromatography and media supplies, including Grace and Vydac products.

  • ProLabs – Zircofit fittings for capillary chromatography

  • PepSep – steel emitter tips

We are North American distributor for these lines of products and can ship globally from our headquarters in Woburn, Massachusetts.

Unique products for your lab

All our products are designed by scientists to keep instruments running at top performance in a busy environment.

  • ABIRD – Active Background Ion Reduction Device for nanospray ESI/MS. Our flagship product.

  • CPS/DIS – tools for optimizing glass capillary unions and components. Indispensable.

  • NTA devices – Nanospary Tip Assemblies to put your best samples into the instrument most consistently.

We are always making new improvements in our nanospray sources and look forward to continuing to improve your nanospray experience.

Meet Our Team

ESI Source Solutions is proud to be working with top professionals in the industry. The founding team has led the way in delivering innovative products to laboratories across the globe.

John Neveu
John NeveuPresident
With over 25 years running a busy CORE facility at Harvard University, John brings his expertise in design and skill at chromatography together to make unique products, distribute the best products, and help make his customers the best they can be.
Lori Montefesco
Lori MontefescoCOO / Co-Founder
Lori has been managing the company operations and expansion since it was founded in 2008. Lori has been instrumental in our success over the years. Handling all aspects of accounts receivable, payable and shipping keeps her day a busy place.

Global Partners

We have been establishing distributors worldwide to support their local research communities and continue to work closely with Thermo Scientific as we grow. Please contact your local vendor or contact us to find your supplier.

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