ProTrap XG 100 Pack


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The ProTrap XG is a dual-stage, disposable filtration and extraction cartridge that takes the guesswork out of precipitation and sample prep.

Our solution brings together reimagined protocols and the easy-to-use ProTrap XG tool to generate highly purified, consistent, and reproducible samples, all at an accelerated pace.

Many researchers find conventional methods of precipitation challenging, requiring tedious transfer and pipetting often leading to variable consistency and yield. Some methods show a loss of 50% or more of the sample, making analysis even more difficult. This tool eliminates tedious pipetting steps, offering consistency, method transferability, and versatility in the sample prep process.

The ProTrap XG will help you :

Remove a high level of SDS, other detergents, and impurities detrimental to the outcomes of downstream mass spec analysis to yield consistent and high sensitivity results maintaining instrument stability

Facilitating such clean up helps enhance the confidence in the identification of low abundance proteins

Achieve confident identification of low-level protein

Prepare biological samples with a wide dynamic range

Realize highly reproducible results matching that of in-solution digestion for quantitative precision and accuracy

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