Nanospray Tip Assembly Kit for Flex Ion Source - NTA-FIS Kit



Nanospray Tip Assembly Kit for Flex Ion Source. Connects directly to source, using either glass or steel spray tips with post-column HV liquid junction and finished capillary transfer lines. Nothing produces more consistent nanospray.

Perfect for PharmaFluidics uPAC columns!

Includes the following parts (reorder numbers):

  • One 3D printed composite nanospray tip assembly (NTA-FIS)
  • One high voltage cable with ?? quick connect clip (HVL-1)
  • One VICI stainless steel micro union (SSU50)
  • One pack PEEK micro nuts and ferrule, 5 pc (PNF-10 10 pc)
  • One pack PEEK micro sleeves, 360um OD x 150ud ID, 5 pc (PMS1-10 10pc)
  • One pack PepSep stainless steel emitters, 150um OD x 30um ID, 4 pc (PSSE)
  • One pack 360um OD x 20um x 20 cm capillary transfer line, 5 pc (CT20-20-5)

Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 10 × 1 × 12 in