MagReSyn Trypsin - 2ml ultra-capacity high performance magnetic microparticles


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For rapid, automated tryptic digestion of proteins for mass spectrometry sample preparation

MagReSyn Trypsin microparticles consist of covalently immobilized sequencing grade trypsin (TPCK treated to prevent chymotryptic activity) for protein digestion prior to mass spectrometry analysis. The porous high capacity MagReSyn microparticle technology allows for high volumetric enzyme activity allowing for rapid digestion. The magnetically immobilized trypsin is stabilized against denaturation and retains functionality under denaturing conditions (including the presence of urea and SDS) with limited trypsin autolysis, allowing for new automated and miniaturized digestion workflows, improving digestion reproducibility.

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Dimensions 12 × 3 × 17 in