MagReSyn Protein A MAX - 2ml ultra-capacity high performance magnetic microparticles


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High capacity Protein A for affinity purification of antibodies and immunoprecipitation

MagReSyn Protein A microparticles contain covalently coupled Protein A for highly specific single-step purification of IgG to >95% purity from whole serum samples. Protein A is a ~56 kDa surface protein originally isolated from the cell wall of the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus and is widely used for highly specific purification of IgG antibodies and for immunoprecipitation experiments. Protein A has 5 immunoglobulin binding domains folded into a three-helix bundle and specifically binds the Fc region on the heavy chain of the IgG class of antibodies. More specifically, Protein A binds with high affinity to specific subclasses of human, rabbit, mouse, guinea pig, cat and pig IgG. It does not react with human IgG3, IgD or IgE, mouse IgM, IgA or IgE, or goat, koala and llama IgG. The high recombinant Protein A content of MagReSyn ensures a high immunoglobulin capacity allowing for experimental miniaturization.

MagReSyn Protein A MAX

Ultra-capacity Protein A for the affinity purification of antibodies and immunoprecipitation

MagReSyn Protein A MAX microparticles have been specially engineered for custom applications where maximum antibody binding is desired. This includes microplate applications where miniaturization and high-throughput automated analysis are required.

* Please note that MagReSyn Protein A MAX is a custom product and requires 3 weeks lead time from date of order *

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