MagReSyn Chymotrypsin - 2ml ultra-capacity high performance magnetic microparticles


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For rapid, automated chymotryptic digestion of proteins for mass spectrometry sample preparation

MagReSyn Chymotrypsin microparticles consist of covalently immobilized sequencing grade chymotrypsin (TLCK treated to prevent tryptic activity) for protein digestion prior to mass spectrometry analysis. The porous high capacity MagReSyn microparticle technology allows for high volumetric enzyme activity allowing for rapid digestion. The magnetically immobilized chymotrypsin enables automated and miniaturized digestion workflows improving reproducibility. The enzyme cleaves at bulky hydrophobic residues thus providing complementary protein coverage as compared to magnetically immobilized trypsin digestion (see MagReSyn Trypsin).

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