For use with installation of ABIRDs on Thermo Scientific’s Easy Spray source

The Easy Spray source from Thermo Scientific (part # ES081, ES082) is a popular nanospray interface to a number of the latest Thermo Scientific mass spectrometers. It has undergone a couple minor changes while being produced for both the European and US markets. These changes effect ABIRD installation, as they occur in the camera mount on top of the source. There are at least four different mounts and at least two different camera styles involved, making adapting ABIRD to the various types of sources challenging.

Looking at the source shown, this is an older style which is probably the most common. This source uses a Dino Lite microscope camera with a tapered nosecone, as shown in the second image. There is a triangle-shaped notch for positioning on the nosecone, which fits into the black camera mount on top of the source

This original camera and source combination requires an ESID-2 to install an ABIRD unit, which has been available for a couple years and will continue to be carried in the future.

Once installed, the ESID-2 sits between the camera and the source, with ABIRD blowing air in from the side as shown.

A second style of Easy Spray source has an identical looking camera mount but uses a camera with a blunt nosecone. This version still needs some work, so we do not have an ABIRD mounting solution available for this camera and source combination at this time. If you have one of these, please get in touch with us and we can work to design a new interface with you

Thank you for your interest in installing ABIRD on your source. Please contact us with questions or if you find you have yet another version of this popular source.

See this document attached for further information on which ESID is right for your lab!

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