Custom Glass Capillary Column Construction


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Custom glass capillary column construction, self-pack pulled tips, trapping columns preconfigured for your system for plug and play installation.


ESI Source Solutions offers fully customizable production of glass capillary analytical and trapping columns, ranging from Pulled Tip Columns, to Fritted Glass Capillary analytical columns and trapping columns. We will construct exactly what your system needs, with preseated Zircofit fittings enhancing capillary robustness and affording near plug-and-play installation.

Our Pulled Tip Columns can be either 75um or 100um ID with a fine pulled tip with ~5um opening. All are 360um OD and can be up to 50cm in length. These columns don’t have a frit, so for media under 3um we first pack a few mm of 5um media to start the column, then finish with smaller media. This leads to columns with better flow and spray characteristics than most commercially available pulled tip columns. These are available empty for self-packing in 5 packs or packed with your choice of Dr. Maisch media.

Our Fritted Glass Capillary analytica columns and trapping columns use a KASIL frit to hold media in place, and are available in 50um, 75um, 100um and 150um ID. All are 360um OD and can be up to 50cm in length. The polished inlet and outlet allow for high quality connections without peak broadening and uses replaceable glass tips or metal needles at the nanospray source.

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 10 × 1 × 12 in