Capillary Polishing Station


The CPS-2 polishes the ends to near perfection, imparting many benefits to the system.

This CPS-2 Kit Includes:

1 CPS-2

3 Polishing Discs

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The Capillary Polishing Station (CPS-2) provides a simple means to make clean polished ends on various OD glass capillaries tubing and 1/16” PEEK tubing as well. This is essential for reliable high-sensitivity capillary chromatography.

Maximize the potential in your UPLC capillary chromatographic equipment. Polished capillaries retain integrity far longer than unpolished. You can expect improved peak shape, reduced carry-over and extended column life with this effective device.

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Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 13.25 × 11.5 × 2.38 in