µPAC™ Limited Sample Amount GEN2 column


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The µPAC™ Limited Sample Amount GEN2 column is designed to maximize protein identifications when working with limited sample amounts.

The micro Pillar Array Column technology proves to have exceptional results with regards to reproducibility over time and across laboratories. A second generation design of pillar structure is introduced, where the pillar structure and design have been optimized to  enhance the chromatographic separation.

With its 50 cm long and 3 µm deep separation channel allied with a non-porous pillars structure, the column is ideally suited for sample loads up to 20 ng of material where ultra-sensitivity is needed. The flow rate range of this column is 50 to 250 nL/min and the optimal gradient time ranges from 30 min to 120 min.

The µPAC™ Limited Sample Amount GEN2 column is compatible with nanoViper™ fittings and can be integrated on all commercially available nano-LC systems.

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Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 10 × 1 × 12 in