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Are you tired of waiting for expensive capillaries ordered at fixed lengths, when you want to run your next experiment and just need a different sized loop for your micro-HPLC assay?

The solution

The ZircoFit™ system was developed to meet the need of modern-day micro- and nano-UHPLC users for custom-length, high-pressure fused silica connections. Easy to use, functional, and economical, it is unique on the market today.

Now you can have that custom-length (or volume) connection in a matter of minutes. The starter kit contains all the parts needed for ten complete capillary connections and comes in a handy tool case: ZircoFit™crimp sleeves, 1/16″ conical fittings, fused silica capillaries and cutter, PTFE protective tubing, and the ZircoFit™ crimping tool. The latter is a squeezer that fits the sleeves onto the capillaries tight enough that they will not leak at 20,000 PSI.

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