What will ABIRD do for your nanospray-ESI MS system?

ABIRD will:

  • Reduce background ion signal in full MS during nanospray- ESI analysis.
  • Isolate your instrument from spikes in lab air, vital for extended quantitative analyses.
  • Enhance signal-to-noise ratios across a wide mass range.
  • Impart a consistent low-level chromatographic baseline across a full gradient.
  • ABIRD can improve the identification of proteins in complex low-level protein mixtures*.

ABIRD uses no supplied gasses, just eco-friendly high capacity chemical filters. ABIRD has been fitted to a variety of source and instrument combinations including Thermo Fisher, Waters, Bruker, Proxeon, New Objective, and Advion.

* Top labs have repeatedly shown ABIRD improving peptide identification up to 50% on complex low-level samples. This can be done when you have excellent capillary chromatography and nanospray interface, a well tuned and calibrated instrument and adequate search engines for analyzing the data. Sorry to say it, but not all labs running stock parts are not at the sensitivity level needed to demonstrate this. Let us help you make this happen by using some of our other products (like the CPS/DIS, Maisch media, nanospry tip assembly) to give you the best shot at obtaining this level of response from your systems.